About Our Urban Farm


We’re a technology-powered urban farm serving up high-grade specialty greens with community and sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.


Above the Soil

Above the soil, Herban Produce (silentʻhʼ–ʻurbanʼ) is a year-round, technology-powered urban farm located in Chicago’s own Garfield Park. We grow fresh, high-grade specialty greens and rare micros for Chicagolandʼs finest restaurants and grocers – from harvest-to-kitchen in less than 24 hours.

Below the Soil

Below the soil we are a non-profit social enterprise spotlighting local employment, education throughout our community and environmental stewardship.


 Our Leaves


Above the soil we’re a technology-driven urban farm growing high-grade specialty greens and rare micros.



Like a plant, our leaves sprout wildly as we interact with modern technology and environmental elements. We are an urban farm located in Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood. The farm consists of a 4,000 square foot greenhouse with four different hydroponic growing systems and a traditional inground outdoor growing area. Our technology enables us to grow a large variety of produce in a small urban area. 


Our 4 hydroponic systems are a collaborative immersion unique in Chicago farming.

  • Nutrient film technique (NFT) - for leafy greens

  • Fodder system - to boost our micro greens

  • Ebb and flow system - for our herbs and edible flowers

  • Dutch bucket system - to maximize our vine crops

Hydroponic systems at Herban Produce greenhouse in Chicago, Illinois.
Someone tending to the hydroponic systems at Herban Produce in Chicago, Illinois.

Our Roots


Below the soil Herban Produce is firmly rooted in community, education and sustainability.


Community, Education and Sustainability

Just like the roots of our greens, we’re firmly planted in the expansion of community, education and sustainability. We source our team members locally to strengthen our Chicago tribe, while holding interactive tours to educate our community members by showcasing our technology powered urban farm, the science behind our modern growing systems and construction of current urban farming themes. Our long term goal is to become completely environmentally and financially self-sustainable.


Our Community Partners


One for One Chicago

Summer paid internship program for CPS students teaching farming, food safety, and small biz elements like distribution and marketing


Marillac House Food Pantry

Having fresh Herban Produce offerings in their weekly food pantry for underserved residents


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2900 W Van Buren St, Chicago, IL 60612

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