Growing Methods

Between the Farm's 4,000 square foot greenhouse and outdoor raised beds, four growing methods are used to cultivate a full spectrum of commercially viable agriculture, including produce, herbs, and ornamental plants.    Herban Produce uses a Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) hydroponic system for leafy greens, herbs, and lettuces, a fodder system for micro-greens, an ebb-and-flow seedling nursery, and traditional in-soil raised beds.    Herban Produce grows several varieties of lettuce including red oakleaf rouxai, butterhead rex, and vulcan, leafy greens such as Swiss chard, red giant mustard greens, and Georgia southern collard, herbs including arugula, cilantro and basil, and micro-greens such as bulls blood beets, French radish, and marigolds.   Herban Produce also takes 'on request' orders as part of our Know Your Grower Program.   


Hydroponic uses far less water than a conventional farm environment.  Also, to help offset city water usage, rain barrels will be installed throughout the farm. Energy efficiency and conservation are maintained through automated climate-controlled heating and cooling equipment. Reducing the carbon footprint of produce by selling directly to the community locally-grown produce. Compost and recycling programs are implemented on site.