Urban Farm Tours


Step outside the box and into our technology-powered urban farm for a fresh, interactive group experience.


Join the Herban Produce team on an interactive tour of our technology-powered urban farm. The tour spotlights our year-round greenhouse featuring our four hydroponic systems, a collaborative immersion unique in Chicago farming.

The four hydroponic systems:

  1. Nutrient film technique (NFT) - for leafy greens

  2. Fodder system - to boost our micro greens

  3. Ebb and flow system - for our herbs and edible flowers

  4. Dutch bucket system - to maximize our vine crops

The tour explores the science - biology, chemistry and physics of modern growing systems, with details on the larger urban farming themes including distribution and customers, local employment and education, and environmental sustainability.


Tour Includes:

60-minute guided tour and tasting

  • Q&A with Herban team members

  • Participant assistance in helping run portions of the greenhouse

  • Visit to our outdoor growing garden

  • Taste testing of Herban Produce’s current offerings


  • Located in Chicago’s East Garfield Park

  • Open for tours on Fridays only. We will be adding a standing weekly tour for groups less than eight shortly.

  • Accepting groups of 8-50 people (groups of 20+ will be split into 20 person greenhouse tours)


  • Take home produce

  • Herban Produce swag

  • Make-your-own hydroponic garden

  • Food and drinks catered or brought from outside


  • < 3 years old  = free

  • Children 3-18 = $10

  • Adults = $35

  • 60612 residents 25% discount

  • Sponsor a neighborhood $10/person - any group can add this on to support our local West Side kids, schools and camp groups.


*Custom tours and additional use of our event space is available upon request.


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